We host a variety of events to enhance our program, often with strategic partners. If you are interested in hosting an event with us, please contact us here.

Upcoming Events

9/13/17: Fall 2017 BBI Kickoff & Networking Event!

Recent Events

12/13/16: BBI Pitch Day!

3/1/17: Weill Cornell Medicine Dean’s Entrepreneurship Lab – Creative MDs, PhDs, and Engineers wanted! 3-D Printer Meeting

3/15/17: Weill Cornell Medicine Dean’s Entrepreneurship Lab: inDinero Startup Accounting and Tax Prep Seminar

3/23/17: Weill Cornell Medicine Dean’s Entrepreneurship Lab – 3D Printer Meeting with two guest speakers! Jing Zhang, PhD, Founder of ZSFab, Inc.; Elia Lopez-Bernardo, PhD, Business Development Executive, Biogelx, Inc.

4/26/17: 3D Printing Discussion with special guest: MakerBot

5/10/17: Weill Cornell Medicine Dean’s Entrepreneurship Lab $50K Biomedical Business Plan Challenge

5/18/17: BBI Spring 2017 Business Matchmaking – Commercializing Life Sciences

5/22/17: Biotech Startup 101: Phil Crowley, Former Assistant General Counsel, Johnson & Johnson; Biotech Startup Consultant

1-Minute Pitch Workshop 09/21/16 @ 6pm

Kickoff + Networking for Inventors and Entrepreneurs 9/13/16 @ 6pm Clinicians, scientists and aspiring entrepreneurs! Keynote – Renier Brentjens, MD, PhD, Scientific Co-Founder, Juno Therapeutics presented, followed by two BBI alumni startups. The session culminated in a cross-disciplinary networking and team-building opportunity.

Matchmaking Event: In partnership with Hacking Health, Mana Health, and Gyro, we hosted a matchmaking event on May 24th, 2016. Our goal is to connect professionals with scientists and clinicians with access to interesting medical inventions. To learn more, please email us.

Bench to Bedside Shark Tank Pitch Day: Fall 2015