General FAQs

Great! There are many scientists and clinicians looking for people with skillsets in sales, business development, manufacturing, etc.
We recommend 2-3 people per team.
The first BBI class + networking session is on Sept 13, 2016. REGISTER HERE. The BBI PITCH DAY for finalist teams will be on Dec. 13th, 2016. The elimination round will be November 15th, 2016.
Anyone can attend. Our course is geared towards scientists and clinicians in the Tri-Institutional universities (Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Rockefeller University) but we also have participants from other universities including NYU and Columbia. We welcome and encourage participants who hold or are pursuing professional degrees, such as MBAs and JDs. We also welcome and encourage professionals in fields ranging from sales to patent law to participate.
The level of commitment is up to you. Our seminars are open to anyone. Some people just drop in and attend seminars when they can over the years. Others choose to form business plan teams to compete in the pitch day.
Weill Cornell graduate students can take the course for a grade or audit. Rockefeller students and post docs can take the course for P/F. We issue a Certificate of Completion for all participants who join teams and complete the grading requirements, regardless of class credit status.
The final project of the 12-week BBI “crash course” is to come up with a business plan pitch around a medical technology. Some of these projects may be or become real companies, but most of the pitches will be an educational exercise.


Inventor FAQs

The BBI class is an opportunity to develop your business plan while exploring your own skillsets and those of potential teammates. There is no obligation to work with your teammates after the class is complete.
The BBI class is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of a business plan, networking, mentorship and for team members to demonstrate their potential to the licensing office and to other team members. However, as the owner of the IP, the university licensing offices are not obligated to license to any BBI team member.
Yes. If you are an inventor, before disclosing an invention for BBI teammates, please make sure it is properly patent protected through the appropriate university licensing office.
Yes. If your university licensing office does not believe your invention needs to be patent protected, you may still enter it into the BBI class and form a team around it.