To date, these are some of the teams from our program who have received funding. Take a look to see where they are now.

Pixorize is the online image-annotation platform where users can upload, annotate, and share images online.

iDu Optics LLC is an imaging adapter for microscope and portable electronic devices. We designed a device to perfectly align the light path of your microscope with your iPhone in less than 10 seconds.


Our EEG technology measures selective attention. The technology may be applied in market research to provide a more complete assessment of a consumer’s responsiveness to market research stimuli and to improve the development and testing of advertisements.

OneThree Biotech uses artificial intelligence to identify the targets and side effects of drugs in development. OneThree’s proprietary platform helps our clients by identifying their binding targets and any corresponding side-effects with 90% accuracy in only 1 week.

SALT is a biomedical device that serves as a solution to monitoring your daily salt intake.

Repairogen’s technology focuses on repairing DNA damage to skin after UV exposure.


Through a gentle and easy mucosal brush sampling procedure and a proprietary diagnostic assay, LAMB-Dx rapidly and safely diagnoses common allergies without the inconveniences and issues of conventional skin prick and blood testing.

York Ave

We aim to commercialize a molecular diagnostic test that can non-invasively detect early signs of kidney rejection.

iUDAME keeps you connected to your personal emergency response team. When you’re in trouble, mobilize up to five trusted contacts and alert 911 with the push of a button.